Friday, February 3, 2012

The Various Types of Modeling

The modeling career involves more than posing in front of the camera or cat walking on the runway. Many people view modeling as a glamorous field, which is true, and thus they wish to become models too. The field is not just for super skinny models because, recently many male models have joined female models in the industry. Since the 1980's, male models have become as popular as athletes, rock and movie stars. Male modeling is regarded similar to female modeling. The only difference is that most male models are required to pose topless so that they show their toned bodies. The industry prefers female modeling to that of males. This makes the industry competitive for all those men who wish to become one.

A male model should be ready to accept low paying jobs at the beginning of his career. However, after working with professionals in the field like photographers, stylists and designers they end up boosting their careers. They get to show different sides of their professional life. They are required to be between the ages of 18 years to 25 years, and they should be between 5'11" and 6'2" tall. They should have fit, toned and lean bodies and weigh between 140 to 165 lbs. due to the high competition in the male field, men have to work harder than female models to get well-paying contracts and jobs. However frustrating this may seem, you should have a high level of patience and the right attitude, so that people notice you and recommend you to other clients. A male model should show flexibility when it comes to choosing jobs because the field does not involve a regular schedule of 9-5.

For both male and female models, there are requirements which are more or less similar. For example, they all need to be in perfect health, have unique and appealing looks, have strong presence at the stage and be fit physically. Female models should be tall and slimmer than normal women. They should be photogenic and also possess qualities like dedication, confidence, high self esteem, willpower and discipline. They should be ready to take criticism and rejection positively, be role models in the community and live healthy lives.

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